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Book: T. Kaczynski, K. Mischaikow, et M. Mrozek, Computational Homology , Appl. Math. Sci. Vol. 157, Springer Verlag , NY 2004.

Research papers (Titles in blue are linked to PDF files of either author's preprint versions or open access publications)

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Papers popularizing mathematics

S. Derivière, A. Trahan, and T. Kaczynski, Comment compter les trous dans une meule de fromage suisse : ou, l'homologie pour les gourmands, in Actes du Congrès AMQ Sherbrooke 2006, (2008), 127-131.
T. Kaczynski, Vivre en dimension 4 and Voyager en dimension 4, Accromath (open access), 1 (2006), 30-35.
T. Kaczynski, Life and travel in 4D, Pi in the Sky (open access), Dec. 2001.
T. Kaczynski, The red violin of science, Pi in the Sky, Dec. 2000.